Worcester County, Maryland

• Includes Ocean City, Berlin and Snow Hill
• 695 Square Miles
• Population 51,444

• Home to 14 different public schools
• Home to Assateague Island National Park
• County Seat: Snow Hill

About The County

From the ocean and boardwalk of Ocean City to the historical downtowns of Snow Hill and Berlin, Worcester County is a diversified county including everything from National Parks, to bustling downtowns and even farmland. Home to 51,444 people, Worcester County hosts a variety of events and offers plenty to do throughout the year! Median houseold income for the county is $55,487 and 6.2% of the county is families.


Highlight events

Some of the biggest events in Worcester County include, SunFest, Curisers Weekend, Berlin Bathtub Races, Fiddlers Convention, SpringFest, Winterfest of Lights and many more!